What Is the Devin Ramon Photography Boudoir Experience? | Bay City Boudoir Photographer

The unknown is usually what holds us back from doing things. Especially things we need to be vulnerable for. What’s more unknown that a boudoir session until you’ve taken the leap and participated in one?! I hope I can answer some questions in this blog about what a DRP Boudoir Experience is, and they work, and what you can expect.

A DRP Boudoir Experience is exactly that: an experience! From the very first thing in the process to the final stage of delivering your photo gallery to you I offer an experience that’s unforgettable, fun, and causes you to walk away feeling like a brand new person who is beautiful and unstoppable!

We start the experience with an in-person, pre-session consultation. The consultation is when we’ll talk, get to know each other, share some laughter, and talk about what you want to get out of your session for yourself. We’ll also take a look at some samples of my work and chat about pricing (I offer payment plans).

Next we’ll plan the date and style of your experience. We’ll choose the location of your session (outdoors or at the studio). I’ll show you my client closet and we’ll choose your outfits, and talk about how conservative you do or don’t want to be with your session. You’re also able to choose if you want your session to be strictly lingerie, or if you’d like a mix of lingerie and tasteful, classy nude photos.

After all the planning is complete the next thing is shooting your boudoir experience! You can expect to laugh A LOT throughout your session and talk about life and fun things. You’re also welcome to vent about life. I’m there for you, so you do you! Each DRP Boudoir Experience collection includes professional hair and makeup. If you chose to have shoot your boudoir experience at one of my private outdoor locations your hair and makeup will be done at the studio before your shooting time. I will have a changing tent set up at the location for you to change in to give you that privacy, respect, and comfort. If we shoot at the studio everything will be done there. Your hair, makeup, and session. You will have the boudoir room to get ready in and change in.

Once we shoot your session I’ll retouch your photos, and you can expect your full, complete gallery to be delivered to you in two weeks.

If you have questions about scheduling a DRP Boudoir Experience I encourage you reach out to me and ask those questions. I will encourage you and answer any questions you have. If you already know you want to take the leap and book your experience you can do so my messaging me on Facebook, Instagram, or by filling out the contact form on the “boudoir” page of my website.

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