What Are My Options To Pay For My Wedding Photography | Michigan Wedding Photographer

There is a lot of value and investment in wedding photography, and it can be scary when you think about how you’re going to pay for it. Especially when the wedding photographer you really want to hire has prices that are over your budget.

I offer payment plans with all of my wedding photography collections! It is rare that a client is able to, or wants to pay, for their entire wedding collection from Devin Ramon Photography upfront, so I offer options that are as flexible as possible to help comfort you and making the wedding planning easier for you. The only payment I require upfront is the $1,000 non-refundable booking and scheduling fee (that is applied to your total balance). You may pay more than that initially if you’d like to go towards your total, but it is not required. After the booking and scheduling fee is paid then we can setup your monthly payment plan! Your monthly payments can be paid via Venmo, cash, or check, and each time you make a payment you will receive a confirmation email stating that I received your payment and it has been applied to your balance. You can also keep track of your remaining balance with the monthly invoices you receive after you make a payment.

I typically like to offer deals throughout the year to all of my clients that apply to what their remaining balance is. When I offer these deals they are usually the opportunity to pay less on your total remaining balance if you’d like to pay off what your balance currently is. For example: if your remaining balance is $1,700 one of these deals may be that I take $100 or $200 off of the your remaining balance if you would like to pay off your balance that day, in the next few days, or within that week. This gives you the opportunity to pay less saving you a couple hundred dollars that you can put towards a different wedding expense! It’s another way to save! I also run Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and birthday deals (on my birthday).

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