I have lived in Bay City almost my whole life. Through the years I discovered places around the city that are gorgeous and photogenic. I’m a fan of a variety of locations from busy downtown with well-known photo spots to the more “hidden gem” areas that really aren’t hidden, but most people may not visit them […]

Top 3 Engagement Photo Locations in Bay City

Engagement photo sessions are a fun and important part of the wedding photography process. Not only do they provide a great opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day, but they also allow you to capture beautiful and intimate moments that you can have for a lifetime. With […]

Why Every Couple Needs an Engagement Photo Session with Devin Ramon Photography | Bay City, Michigan Wedding Photographer

There is a lot of value and investment in wedding photography, and it can be scary when you think about how you’re going to pay for it. Especially when the wedding photographer you really want to hire has prices that are over your budget. I offer payment plans with all of my wedding photography collections! […]

What Are My Options To Pay For My Wedding Photography | Michigan Wedding Photographer

Lauren and Brady……..what a couple! From their engagement portrait experience in Chicago, to the last moment of their wedding day in Vermontville, Michigan……it was all beautiful. Lauren and Brady have been my friends for a little over a year, so it’s an absolute honor to have had documented their love journey from engagement to marriage! […]

Mr. & Mrs. Aboussleman | Cherry Barc Barn

As a wedding photographer The Mill District is a venue that I was very excited to be shooting a wedding at! It’s rustic, dreamy, and whimsical. Shooting in natural light is my specialty and The Mill District has many outdoor opportunities for soft, natural light and even better lighting at golden hour. With a mixture […]

The Mill District | Historic Wedding Venue| Fremont, Indiana

Saturday, June 18th 2022 was a beautiful day for the Arp’s wedding! The sky was clear, the temperature was perfect, and everyone was smiling and happy. Even the venue was great. With two ponds and the surrounding woods it was like a picture-perfect fairytale. I met Heather and Kile last year when they reached out […]

Heather & Kile Arp’s Wedding | Bay City, MI Wedding Photographer

Aireonna and her mom are so excited for Aireonna’s Senior Portraits Experience that they scheduled her session with me a year in advance! This is the kind of excitement we’re here for! Everything is officially settled for her portrait experience that’s happening in two weeks. We chose her shooting locations, we planned her style, and […]

Aireonna’s Senior Portrait Experience: Part 1 | Bay City Senior Photos Photographer

The unknown is usually what holds us back from doing things. Especially things we need to be vulnerable for. What’s more unknown that a boudoir session until you’ve taken the leap and participated in one?! I hope I can answer some questions in this blog about what a DRP Boudoir Experience is, and they work, […]

What Is the Devin Ramon Photography Boudoir Experience? | Bay City Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir isn’t only for the confident. Most of the time it’s really for those who aren’t feeling worthy, beautiful, confident, or happy with themselves. Don’t get me wrong; you can totally book a boudoir session for yourself if you just want to keep up the confidence, though. The majority of my boudoir clients schedule their […]

More Self-Worth | The Side Effect of a Boudoir Session | Devin Ramon Photography

These days everyone and their brother owns a camera, or a smartphone with a quality camera. It’s really easy to have a family member or a friend shoot your senior portraits because they’re starting their journey in photography, or they want to get into photography and you’d be helping them out. There are a lot […]

5 Reasons to Have Professional Senior Photos